Workcover and TAC

The Doctors at Doctors on Clyde are experienced and understanding when liaising with our patients and clients on a regular basis in relation to WorkCover consultations. We believe it’s best if a sick or injured worker can return to some form of work at the earliest opportunity.

Your WorkCover doctor will complete a WorkCover certificate of capacity for you. This outlines the duties that you can/cannot perform at work and anything that can help your recovery. The WorkCover certificate of capacity is also used to communicate your WorkCover case with your insurer, employer, and other health professionals involved. The WorkCover Certificate of Capacity has to be updated by your nominated WorkCover doctor every 28 days – this means you should follow up with the same doctor for WorkCover appointments.

A car accident, whether it be big or small, can have significant impact on your physical and/or mental health. Doctors play a central role in managing the health and wellbeing of a person who has been injured in a transport accident. Doctors are also vital in influencing health and return to work outcomes.

In most cases, a patient will rely on their GP for advice and coordinating medical treatment and services to assist with their overall recovery, rehabilitation and return to work including:

  • Monitoring and reviewing progress and outcomes.
  • Prescribing safe and clinically appropriate pharmacy items in accordance with the Transport Accident Commission’s pharmacy policy.
  • Referrals to other healthcare services and monitoring the effectiveness of these services.
  • Discussing the health benefits of work and emphasising that work is an important part of recovery.
  • Assessing and certifying capacity.
  • Identifying any barriers to return to work.
  • Communicating a patient’s capacity with their employer where appropriate.

Doctors on Clyde Medical Centre is also able to assist with your TAC Claim, whether it be for completion of paperwork, referral to other healthcare services or for any other accident related concern you have